4 Game Plans; Elon Musk’s Tesla has Beaten All

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Do you ever wonder what makes Tesla a number 1 car seller in such a short time? Tesla, an automotive company that was just founded a decade ago has been now considered the top car seller company worldwide. What this energetic company has revolutionized that others can’t do for decades? It is a mystery to unveil the hidden secrets of Tesla.   

Tesla; a Captivating Company to Know About

Who doesn’t know about Tesla? Tesla is an American automotive company that was first time introduced to the world with its revolutionary concept of ‘products from electricity’. Also, Tesla is a company with a tendency to fabricate electric means of transportation and other types of equipment.

Its Origin and History

Do you know?

The name of the world’s best company “Tesla” is actually a tribute to the originator and engineer “NIKOLA TESLA”.

Isn’t it amazing?

Tesla first originated as Tesla Company in July 2003. The headquarters of the American automotive corporation, Tesla are found in Texas. This amazing company is a sign of genuine friendship in the form of Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, they together dreamt of introducing something beneficiary for the people of the world and cleaning the universe from the toxic tensions of fuel, providing electric vehicles and batteries.                                                                    

Founders and Co-Founders

The company was originally founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. However, in 2004, Elon Musk invested an exorbitant amount in Tesla as a shareholder. Though, in 2008 he becomes the CEO of Tesla Motors.

It also mentioned the names Ian Wright and JB Straubel as the founders of Tesla.

Tesla has Mr. Musk; a CEO

The joining of Elon Musk was fortunate for Tesla and that is the biggest game plan Tesla won after declaring Mr. Musk as a CEO of Tesla Motors. Even most people considered him the originator of the company. In the very rapid passage of time, Elon Musk’s assumptions become true about Tesla’s cars.           

An Adorable and Ambitious Aims of Tesla

The founders of Tesla produced vehicles and batteries free from fuel. Therefore, they manufacture electrical cars, trucks, batteries, and various other products.

Tesla aimed to give their customers something extraordinary. They considered fossil fuels to the toxic and the world needs a change from this toxicity.

The hard work and the true ambition of the workers of the Tesla Company make it the number 1 selling car in the entire world in a quick passage of time.

What Distinguished Tesla Cars from others?

Another game plan Tesla has won is through the distinguished and mesmerizing features of its cars.

Aside from being electrical cars, there are also many breathtaking features of Tesla Cars; Game Plans:

  • Tesla cars took all the responsibilities for your safety and easiness as the driving assistant feature of ‘autopilot’.
  • If you love to enjoy music while traveling, then this eye-catching feature of ‘caraoke’ is definitely for you. Additionally, you can choose any song and lyrics or the music of any language whenever you want just from this amazing feature.


You can’t use this amazing feature of Caraoke while driving; you need to park a car to enjoy music.

Aren’t you feeling awkward?       

Tesla has broken the Barriers and Makes Travel Safe

  •  If you have enemies, then I will suggest you purchase Tesla Model X and Y as security guards. Because they have a defense feature named ‘bioweapon defense mode’.
  • Even Tesla cars will indicate the things or people coming towards your cars through its ‘advance sensory’ feature.
  • Tesla ‘touchscreen system’ will inform you about upcoming traffic, and climates, and also give access to play games.

Special Secret makes Tesla a Number 1 Car Seller

  • You can also avail the services of ‘streaming’ and ‘’web browser’ through the touch screen.
  • Easter egg is an unpredictable feature with the ability to run a car from every thorny road brightening all the roads like a rainbow.
  • Tesla also gives you an offer of air suspension, especially when you are traveling outside your reign.

 To be Continued; Tesla is a Name of Never-Ending Brand

  • Other amazing features of Tesla Cars include the sentry mode, the keys, the apps, the supercharger, the dog mode, lyrics bar (for children), the fart, and the frunk mode.
  • Tesla is not a sensitive car. If you are a racing man, then Tesla cars are also for you. As they have introduced the racing features of ludicrous plus mode and the plaid mode with magnificent benefits for the racers.

Big Achievements-Short Time; a Number 1 Car Seller Company

Playing all the above numerous amazing features as a game plan, Tesla has become a bestselling company in the entire world. Its electrical engines are thrice time more powerful than another electric car.

In the last two years, Tesla has achieved the title of best-selling car. Tesla Model 3, X, and Y have remained the top cars doing business of $900 billion.

Why Buy Tesla?

Tesla, Tesla Model X, What Makes Tesla Number 1 Car Seller In Such A Short Time

The magnificent electrical cars of Tesla Company are more powerful, reliable, and affordable compared to other electric cars.

It is also the biggest electrical platform for generators, plug-ins, and storage batteries. Tesla is a one-stop-shop for electrical products.

Tesla is Customer Oriented

Tesla deals directly with its customers. They give preference to clients with customized orders. This is one of the biggest business strategies that won hearts.

The Roadster; Beauty of Tesla, a Number 1 Car

Nothing is more beautiful than Tesla’s electric Roadster. A world-famous sports car Roadster was manufactured by Tesla Motors in 2018 under the influence of Elon Musk. 


Tesla has the honor of traveling on the highway as the first electric car and this car covers a distance of 320Km. This beautiful car is famous for its red color which attracts people. Roadster has all the features discussed above.

World No 1 Selling Car in 2021, Model 3

Tesla Electric Car - What Makes Tesla Number 1 Car Seller In Such A Short Time

Last year Tesla’s Model 3 was the top-selling car. The average selling percentage remains a minimum of 500,000 dollars.

What is the Need for Tesla in Today’s World?

Tesla is not a Game, it is a reality. Today’s world needs a more innovative car like Tesla. Due to fuel inflation and the rise of smoke pollution, electric cars, batteries, and household gadgets are the need of the time.


Tesla has become an established electric-driven company. The CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, proved a fortune for this company because of his sharp business abilities. Tesla is renowned as the world’s largest company in electric vehicles.

Elon Musk Tesla won because of his 4 game plans, including Elon Musk himself, the unique features of Tesla cars, the production of the beautiful Roadster, and the highest marks of Model 3. 

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