Nalexus Technologies

Internship Guidelines

Registraion Process

We want to hear from you if you are excited about this internship opportunity and believe you have what it takes to thrive at Nalexus! Please complete the form below with the required documents and your correct information.

Documents Required:

  • Your resume
  • If applicable, any relevant work samples or portfolio

Application Deadline: 10th July, 2023

Only candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted for interviews. Interviews will take place at a mutually convenient time via an online meeting platform (Zoom, Google Meet).

Join us as an intern at Nalexus on this rewarding journey. We can shape the future and make a difference if we work together!

Internship Requirements
Minimum Age: 16
Qualification: O’Level/ Matric or above
Experience: No past experience required
    • Field Knowledge: An intern should have a thorough understanding of the internship field they wish to engage in. They should be familiar with the essential concepts, techniques, and common practices. While being an expert is not required, a solid foundation of knowledge is expected. 
    • Familiarity with Relevant Software and Platforms: An intern should be familiar with the software tools or platforms that are commonly used in their field of interest. Although expertise is not required, a basic comprehension indicates adaptability and a willingness to learn. 
    • Demonstrable Skills: The intern’s resume, interview responses, and portfolio projects should all represent their relevant talents and abilities for the internship field they are opting for. This could involve displaying previous projects, internships, or coursework that indicate their qualifications and aptitude for this role. 
    • Passion for Learning: An intern should have a strong desire to learn new things on a regular basis. They should be eager to learn new things, keep up with business developments, and adapt to changing requirements. 
    • Proactive and Self-Motivated: An intern should be self-motivated, looking for ways to contribute, learn, and assume new responsibilities. They should take initiatives and demonstrate a proactive approach to their work
    • Collaboration and Teamwork: While the ability to work independently is crucial, an intern should also be able to collaborate and work well with other individuals. They should be able to successfully communicate, actively listen, and contribute constructively to a team environment. Hence, exchanging ideas, boosting productivity and generating a positive work environment.

Interns will be awarded cash prizes based on the total number of points they earn during the internship period. Interns will be expected to get a minimum of 40 points to become eligible for the certificate and letter of appreciation. Interns must earn a total of 120 points in order to become eligible for the cash prizes. For every 120 points earned, the intern will receive a cash prize of PKR 10,000. (Points table will be provided at the start of the internship period. Performing different tasks will earn you a specific number of points e.g. 20 points for an approved html website developed)

At the end of the internship period, three interns will be selected from the pool of interns to receive the Best Intern Awards. Following cash prizes will be awarded to these individuals:

Best Intern Award

  • Cash Prize: PKR 30,000
  • Certificate of Appreciation

2nd Best Intern Award

  • Cash Prize: PKR 20,000
  • Certificate of Appreciation

3rd Best Intern Award

  • Cash Prize: PKR 10,000
  • Certificate of Appreciation

Min Points for Certificate: 40

Min Points for Best Intern Award: 120